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Do you by chance know the stats on how much people take out in loans for cars of varies prices, and how many people of all car buyers are able to purchase completely out of pocket? I am curious how easy car buying might be for other people on average.

James:I am afraid the stats on car loans over cash buyers can not be determined in one short answer.My guess is it really depends on the demographic area.And also where you buy the car.

To finance a car instead of cash,is my opinion,could be a more simpler form of buying.With new car prices and low interest rates today,why pay cash? For those who can pay cash,great!

Also the real truth is that banks are buying deals.In certain cases better than 10 years ago.
But,this example are my opinion only.

The real answer to car buying is simple:Have fun,select a car YOU like,drive it,and pay within your own budget and relax-again have fun.Car buying can be easy! Don

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