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Is their much difference now in quality between the two or are the Japanese automobiles still better overall. When I say quality Im a referring to dependability and longevity not bells and whistles.

I am still Leary of buying American. I know that Ford has really done well lately.


Hi Doug,

I just happened to be working on my website when your Q arrived, you got a very valid question and the answer really is subject to whom you talk to, here is an excerpt from my site about my thoughts.

PS,,, you are batting 100% with your thoughts about Ford.

The 60's - 70's was all Ford - GM - Chrysler and Dodge, a time when just one glance Was all that it would take, And you would know the kind of car, the model and the make

Cars that used to last 100K will now last beyond 250K with a little TLC

The 80's and 90's and into the 2000 Japanese cars monopolized, many buyers today are still brainwashed with Japanese products and will pay extra for the label without comparing the product

Korean cars of the 90's was total garbage but today got some fair market share due to price, but will still finish last in the homestretch along with Chrysler

German engineered cars today without doubt are quality and luxury, but with a price tag to match being slightly beyond the average household, but if you got the coin it's an excellent investment to join the wienerschnitzel crowd.

For best basic transportation some Ford models are the best investments in todays market.

Have a Blessed day
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