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QUESTION: Hi! I am interested in purchasing a car, and someone recommended that I look toward car auctions. I live in Texas and I found 2 online sites; Charity Car Auctions and Ebay. My questions is, do you know of any other online car auctions that I am not thinking of? Thank you very much.

Here they are:

ANSWER: Hi Miss Wilson,

There are several auctions some like government auctions you pay to join and others are free. Here is a link I want you to read, and for free I suggest you join eBuy and do some surfing on the site, you will have fun.

Let's start with this info, anything you don't fully understand please feel free to get back to me with questions, if you happen to come across a car of interest send a link so I can check vehicle for red flags.

Buying at a car auction can be quite risky unless you know the game, if you care to share what your budget is buying and type car interested in I will try to help you along, if you reply back with information being somewhat personal then make sure to check the make private box.

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QUESTION: Hello there. Thank you for offering to help me. More than likely, I will have to take you up on the gracious offer. I kind of have a slight problem regarding getting a car. Currently, I live in Waco, TX, and I do not have transportation at the moment (which is why I'm trying to get a car in the first place), and the auction is in Arlington, TX.

Well, they informed me that I can place the bid online, but must be there in person to get the car, fill out the necessary paperwork, and provide the necessary identification. I asked them if I could do any of the necessary paperwork online, or through fax perhaps, and pay for the car to be shipped to me, and they said "no."

My next question to you is, do you know of any Car Auctions out there that will allow me to do the above, since I do not have transportation? Thank you.

Here are their websites:

Thousand of people buy cars online and have them shipped, I don't know why this is not allowed, maybe they are just to lazy to do the process. simply hook up to another auction.

Buying at an auction is very risky, and I don't have a clue what you're getting into, my main concern is you having a car delivered that turns out to be a lemon,,, I really need some answers to help you further,,, if interested email me a phone # and best times to call


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