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Tips on Buying Cars/Online Car Auctions?


I am interested in purchasing a car, and someone recommended that I look toward car auctions. I live in Texas and I found 2 online sites; Charity Car Auctions and Ebay. My questions is, do you know of any other online car auctions that I am not thinking of? Thank you.

Here they are:

Miss Susan:I do not recommend car auctions(except ebay,because normally there are dealers)because the car is sold "as-is",that may require maintance costs.
In my previous answers has been consider a "certified" pre-owned car through a reliable dealer.

For several reasons,the car has been checked through the existing dealers service department.the car comes with a better warranty,better financing through the auto maker,peace of mind that the car is got a great Carfax history.And for type of car YOU really want,the savings could be a lot money

Good luck, Don  

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