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Tips on Buying Cars/Trade-in on a used truck.


My Truck 2008 Dodge Ram - Owe $1,700.00 Very nice truck with 57,000 highway miles. Burnt Orange Color.
Reason I want to Trade-in. Very Tall Truck. I have two bad knees
and can't get into the cab without difficulty.

Found a 2011 Ford Ranger Ext. Cab, V6, four wheel drive, with only 8,000 miles. Only thing wrong is tagged as "AS IS, No WARRANTY". You would figure Ford would have a warranty that would
be transferable, or longer than one year.
1st offer last night; $15,500.0 trade-in Ranger was 21,975.00
dropped to 20,475.00.

If I decide to make an offer on this truck, then it would be this
counter price; I would ask for 17,000.00 for my truck, request
that they drop the Ranger to 19,000.00. I'd offer $3,700.00 cash.

This Ranger is what I've been looking for. The color is the Ford Vespa Blue, the same color as my 2007 Mustang GT.
The truck is just like it came off the showroom floor.

My wife doesn't want me to sell my big truck. She wants a new car
& that's a Cadillac. She has my mom's old Volvo which is in great shape.
What do I do?

Something is wrong here. A 2011 vehicle with 8,000 miles should still have factory warranty. Ford basic is 3/36. Pull a carfax, DO NOT ASK THE DEALER FOR IT. Some are known to alter the document. Get the vin # and pay the $15.00 online to get it. My hunch is that this is a salvage title, which means the vehicle has been declared a total loss at some time and re-built. The price they are asking for the Ranger is very high also. Go to Carmax, they have a couple in Mississippi, and get your truck appraised, and see what they have in stock. Good Luck!


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