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Where I live there seems to be nothing but car dealerships. It is a paved paradise as Joni Mitchell would have said. lol. Problem being I am extremely short on case, and don't want to take out a loan any larger than is necessary, and need to make it count. Is there a database out there somewhere to help someone shop for the car they want based on features it has across all makes and models? Like safety features/track record, color, cost, audio equipment, whether or not headlights are always on or not, fuel economy, how well heater works in winter, and a whole bunch of other details? I'd like to know what I want to get before my current car dies on me.

James:In response to your first statement;sure there are a lot dealerships in the world.YOU ask why? Because the general public demands more selection and better options.

One of my favorite websites to find just about any make or model for any year is
The site is chock full of info,from how to buy a car,options on the cars,reviews,ect.

To prepare,set a budget,monthly payment,and secure your financing to determine your finance rate.
This process should help take the time off when buying a car.

Also consider this:Certified preowned,better warranty,more equipment for less,and YOU will save money.

And one more thing;have fun,with careful research the experience will be better than you expect.

Good luck Don

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