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Hi, I'm shopping for a new Durango, and have found a 2012 that is new with the package that I want. Since it's already April 2013, is this a smart decision or should I go ahead and find a 2013 Durango that will fit my needs? And, how much of a discount or break should I expect? I'm guessing the dealer wants it off of his lot ASAP. The MSRP is $35k and they are currently offering it at $32k, which I believe was due to a Dodge $3000 Rebate.

Also, I am planning on trading it next summer to get the 2014 model so my thinking is that it might be better to get the 2012 since it has no mileage on it and when I go to trade next year, that will be a plus on my side.

So glad to have come across this site today, any advice is appreciated!!

Hi Melissa,

Firstly I am also glad you come across this site because its nice to get a question before the fact and not after the fact trying to get someone out of a jam.

When you buy a brand new vehicle and want to trade the following year you can expect depreciation as high as 30% from what you paid out the door, since you are considering the 2014 model as a second move your best option at this moment is the 2012 model. Mfg's rebates come and go with time limits, as for negotiating a further discount if any will be but a few hundred dollars.

Melissa, you may benefit knowing what those new car stickers on the windows are all about and pick up a few pointers, go to this link on my website ,,, I also suggest you get some free new car quotes.

Please study the site to pick up a few pointers and feel free to ask further questions if something is not fully understandable, I will work with you to make sure you get valid value for your bucks.

Have a Blessed day
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