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i bought my preowned car through financing but i was not happy with my car. wind shield washer is not working and the hood stand is not there. but when another mechanical fitness assessment was done with my car, several issues has bee found. the most serious is the driver's seat is defective and not safe for the driver. Is this enough reason to return the car to the dealer and cancel the deal,and be out of the deal all together? What I was asking is could I return the car back to the dealer and/or the finance company without oweing anymore payments?

Hi Claudette

Sorry for the delay, away for the weekend. The safety issue with the seat is a major concern with some questions that needs answers to give you a proper direction.

Did you buy the car certified ? how long ago ? whom was the dealer ? did you contact the dealer with these problems, if so, what transpired ?

The lender is not involved with issues, their only concern is you making payments,,, you may or may not have an issue subject to your answers to my questions

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