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Hi, I want a pre owned sedan that can tackle snow and rain well but has also Navigation installed.  I was told I need an AWD car but most cars are SUV's and I don't want to have a car that will be expensive gas and repair wise. I am willing to put a down payment of $5000.00 if lease is needed , but no more than 200.00 as a monthly payment. I'm hoping to have a car less than $12,000 and no more than 80k miles on it. This is almost an impossible mission I know but i wanted your honest advice on maybe finding something around there. Thank you and hope to hear back soon

Keyla:The one car make that comes to mind is a Subaru Legacy that offers a all wheel drive that is affordable.

Consider looking at Auto Trader on the internet.Search the model in your budget.Subarus are great low maintance cars.Check your buying guides and good luck! Don

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