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Hi Geoffrey,

Im a single mom, to 1 child, I really like foreign-made cars, I thought about getting a truck; do you feel it's wise to get an SUV, or car over a truck?
Im looking at honda, i currently drive a Los rondo lx-v6


Single Mom,

Your question doesn't have a single answer.  Choosing between a truck and a car is a question of how you currently use a vehicle and the economy of your choice.  If you need the room of a SUV for carrying items, your choice is simple. If you need a four wheel drive a SUV might be your best choice although Subaru is 4WD and smaller.  
If you are concerned with your entire budget a car would be the best choice.  A Car will generally use less gas then a SUV and cars also carry a less expensive purchase price, generally.  
Honda is a great manufacturer. I have a Honda myself. Civic or accord, both are great vehicles  

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