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Can you tell me a good 2nd hand car to buy under say, $7000. I was thinking Ford Focus which looks like they are going for about $5000, for 2007, 120,000 km. (which is the oldest, and the most km I would want to go). My mechanic recommended a Toyota Corolla but they are pricier. If we go the Corolla route, what would be the oldest/most kilometers you would go with? I believe they would last longer so the same amount of mileage on a Toyota would not be equivalent to a Ford. Would you agree with this statement? The Ford Focus was rated quite well by Consumer's Reports. Would you put a lot of decisions on their results? Are they only reviewed by owners?


I really like your question, firstly let me state I was involved with both Toyota and Ford dealerships for years and both models you mentioned are highly rated in it's class. If both vehicles being same model year - features and kilometers the Toyota will have a slightly higher price tag, personally, my choice would be the Focus, let me explain it this way.

We both know shopping for a pair of jeans the brand name with the fancy signature label will have an inflated price, and yet we can buy the equal quality without the fancy label for much less.... That makes Focus a better value.

Re,,, Consumer Reports, are very valid in a decision buying a brand new car,,, as for used it's another ballgame because a car with 100K can be better choice than another same make with only 70K. In your price range all that matter is current CONDITION - model year - miles - consumer reports take a back seat.

SUMMARY,,, I strongly suggest you follow the buying process with the proper steps, start with this link on my website when you have found the car that you consider for purchase feel free to send me a link and I will guide you further

Buying a vehicle in Ontario Canada is very safe compared to the U.S. market, you got OMVIC at the helm along with most registered dealers being members of the UCDA, in the States most dealers use AutoCheck or Carfax for history reports, in Canada CarProof is the #1 choice, so be sure to view a report prior to purchase.

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