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Hello, I found two used cars that I like at the same dealership. The have good vehicle history reports and costs the same. They get around the same mpg.

2012 Certified Pre-owned (165 point inspection, warranty, roadside assistance - 1yr., and dealer car if car is being repaired) Toyota Corolla LE: about 24,000 miles, Corolla has history of safety, reliability, and affordable repairs

2012 Used (not certified) Volkswagen Jetta SE: about 34,000 miles - comes across as\looks like a luxury vehicle however not sure if VW warranty can be transferred to new owner - me. Are VW's (in general) expensive to keep up - repair and regular maintenance? I heard they were. I haven't seen much about them being very reliable over the years.

In your opinion which is a better car - the Corolla or Jetta? The online reviews (KBB, Edmunds, and US News) are confusing.

Let's start with why online reviews can be confusing especially in public forums,,, if you come across an answer where the owner loves the handling and not having had several breakdowns you will be told excellent,,, put the shoe on the other foot where the owner have had some problems you will be told in some way or another to stay away, overall I respect the quality of both vehicle's,,, but as the old saying goes, there is a lemon in every batch.

Yes the warranty can be transferred, but you only looking at another 2000 miles for the basic warranty that expires at 36,000 miles, that leaves you with Powertrain warranty up to 100.000 miles, but what it covers is very limited compared to the basic.

I am puzzled as to why the Jetta is being sold not certified ? send a link to the dealership if you want so I can look into as to why.Yes a Volkswagen can be quite expensive to repair compared to other vehicle's in it's class,,, If I had to make a decision based on the info you have provided the Corolla would be my choice - certified - longer warranty because lower miles between your selections. Are these units lease returns or former rentals ? just a wild guess here, does the T stand for Tif.... ?

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