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Hello, the used car '12 Passat I am looking at is $13,574 (42,000 miles. Another '12 Passat at another dealership is $12,995 (34,000 miles). Both are the same make, model, and year. Clean auto checks (both have no damage - no accidents). The dealer offering $13,574 (I like this one because the exterior and interior look better) said it wouldn't be unreasonable to beat the price of the $12,995 (with $200 off with ad). What should my negotiating price be? I would say 11,995 (before tax, title, reg., and other fees). Is that two little or too much. What should I say as to the reason why I want to negotiate lowering the price - can't simply say the car looks better than the one with more miles and I want to pay less because it has more miles. My mom always said go down a thousand or two, but 10,995 might be too much. What forms do I have to sign at the dealership if I am financing through the credit union, and can I have those documents reviewed before I sign them?

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Firstly Happy New Year, let's start it right with you getting valid value. your mom is on the money, you start low, 12K is a good starting point, the salesman will most likely say no way,,, simply say, you want to present my offer yes or no ?,,, if no,,, offer $12,500,,, offer will most likely come back at $13 - 13.2,,, personally I would stay firm at $12,500 and walk if not accepted,,, I want you to study 2 link on my website you most likely will have further questions, feel free to ask. and

You don't have to have a reason to negotiate, to you it's fair market value. You will be signing a bill of sale paying cash with a deposit. you really got to watch what other charges are on the bill of sale,,, can you send me a link showing the vehicle for sale or the name of dealer and location so I can figure exactly what other charges apply ?

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