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QUESTION: In buying/leasing a new car and the dealer locates the car I want from another dealer within the city, I would expect minimal miles on it from driving it to my dealer, and maybe from a tech person driving it first to check it out. But I wouldn't want a car that's been sitting on the lot for months or test driven by the public a dozen times. How would I avoid that? Would they be willing to order the exact car I want from the manufacturer, so it hasn't been sitting for months on the lot and test driven?  Thanks

ANSWER: Your question is a good one that has not been asked before, so lets start with what happens to vehicle's that has been shipped by Mfg, example, from Japan to US.

Most of these in color -  model and options will have been pre selected by dealers months before and shipped to destinations from Mfg's US storage compound and arrive at dealers on trucks showing 5 - 10 miles. many more will be in compound waiting for dealer phone calls to be bought,,, if dealer can see there is none with options that buyer wants, dealer now surf other dealers checking their inventory and if one found will phone that dealer to buy or exchange,,, this is an area where some dealers get along and others don't. I could expand on this subject, but let's not go there.

If dealer finds your car at whatever distance the option is pick up or ship on flatbed, I would consider any car  with less that 2- 300 miles on odometer nothing to worry about,,, buying brand new with over 600K's a few questions need to be answered.

Re - Q not wanting a car that has been sitting for months,,, most new cars sit for months at dealer or Mfg compound, please dont consider that a problem.
Re - tech person driving it first,,, Every new vehicle that arrives at a dealership goes through a PDI " pre delivery inspection " again nothing to worry about.
Re - would dealer order from Mfg,,, Yes if exact car can't be found and you willing to wait it then becomes if Mfg want to ship and time frame for delivery,,,

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QUESTION: If a new car has been sitting on the lot for months, wouldn't it likely have been test driven by the public many times? Would hate for my new car to be driven that many times by a bunch of different people.

Most new cars arrive at a dealership with under 10K, some may not be test driven for weeks or months.

If mileage is a factor, simply choose one with low miles, the current miles will be entered on your bill of sale, vehicle will then go through delivery process and on average less than 3 more miles will have been added for delivery.

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