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This is sort of a dumb question but I'll ask anyway. I was set to buy a new 2014 car, when I saw the dealer has a special deal for a lot less on the same model, but 2013's that they haven' sold yet and are trying to move out. But are they considered to be a 'used' car since they are last year's model?  Thanks

Hi Lee,

It"s not a dumb question, it's a question you want answered, so here goes.

If the vehicle is brand new and not registered it is then considered brand new which mean if you buy then it's  like buying a brand new vehicle with Mfg warranty kicking in from the day you take delivery.

If vehicle has been registered in dealers name then it may still be considered brand new from a buyers point of view, but the warranty kicked in from registration date.

Several factors come into play now that I can't answer because I don't know what your situation is, like are you financing - paying cash - what are the incentives on the 2014 that just may make the 2013 a bad buy ?,,, feel free to provide a link to look at the 2013,,, if you want to keep it private email the info to

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