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Hi Ray
I just had a very disturbing situation happen to me today.
I went to a dealership two weeks ago n saw a 2012 Honda civic for $15800.
The sales guy that was helping me let me take it for a test drive and right after I fell in love. On the Monday the salesperson and I were going back and forth on the possible monthly payments I could be making on this car.
I finally agreed to $302/month for a 4yr term with a $5000 down payment.
He then put my application in to get approved and I must say I was confused that i was given a monthly payment that wasn't approved by the institution first or that it wasn't based on my credit history because I had no credit at all. The first institution that my application was sent to did not approve my application. So the sales guy that I was dealing with called me and told me to come get my deposit.
When I got there all the sales guy had a brief discussion and the sales guy that was helping me came and told me that they would keep trying to see if another financial institution would approve me.
I told him point period blank that I was not interested and just wanted my money back.
The sales guy went to the other sales men again had a brief discussion and came and told me that their manager wasn't there to signed the required documents for them to release my money so I should come back the Monday.
I left and on the Monday the dealership calls me and tells me I've been approved after I told them I was no longer interested. At that point I said okay fine if you guys went ahead and proceeded then ill just get the car. I called my insurance and the rate they were giving me was too high. So I called the sales guy and told him that I'm not interested in purchasing the car. Since I told them they've been pressuring me to purchase the car but I told them no.
So now they're telling me that I can't get my$1000 deposit back because I got approved.
And all I signed is the bill of sale,and on the back of the bill of sale it says I'm entitled to my deposit back.
Please help me on what I should do


I am 99% sure you will get deposit back, I have a few questions that could branch out to other questions, lets do this to speed the process, email me at  with a phone # and best time to call, and you will inside a few minutes have the direction to take to get your money back. Please have you bill of sale in front of you if you decide to leave a phone number

I happen to be located on your turf also, I therefore know the laws in Ontario quite well.

Have a Blessed day
From the computer of
Ray Paulsen ^_^

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