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I am in the market for a pre-owned, luxury vehicle - BMW, Audi or Merc (these are the top 3 in my country).
I am looking for an "entry-level" SUV (or sedan).
The car will be self-driven and I don't care for rear seat comfort, as it is just the wife and me.

I am an easy cruiser; not a fast rider, albeit I love to push it occasionally.

My priorities:

1. Looks

2. Feature-rich: I am a "features/equipment" guy ALL THE WAY! I love a car that's LOADED with features.

3. Ride comfort: I love a car that rides "nice and smooth" even on the most patchy and uneven roads!

4. Ground Clearance: The roads here are not the best; a lot of uneven roads and patches.

All that said, and with my budget, I am looking at the BMW X1, BMW 3-series, Audi Q3, Mercedes C-class and the Merecedes GLA.

Even though I WILL be going to test drive them all, some of the things that I've heard -

. The GLA looks THE BEST; however it is very compact and claustrophobic. The performance isn't great. Visibility-wise, the A-pillar is not the best and is a hindrance to many; can't see properly when turning at low speeds.

. The X1 is not a great car.
BMW's have a hard suspension; it is only good on straight roads.

. The Q3 has the best comfort, suspension and ground clearance. It is THE ONLY one to have a 4-wheel drive.

Lastly, I've been told that the Q3 is the most fun to drive, the GLA is the best looking, and that the BMW is the best when it comes to straight line fun only.

Please give me your professional opinion. I need to decide soon.

Thanks :-)

ANSWER: Hi Matthew,

You got excellent taste, and I assume it goes hand in hand living in Haryana one of the wealthier states of India.I worked with a fellow from that state, he yapped about it so much he almost had me talked into going with him for a holiday.

You may have heard the expression " a car feels tight " when you test drive a car that feels like being part of you having passed every test then the vehicle is tight " remember " the dealer or your friends cannot tell you that a car handles the way you like, you have to find that answer on your own.

Even though I WILL be going to test drive them all, some of the things that I've heard -

You not going shopping blindfolded, lol, looks to me like you done some homework, so forget about what you heard,,, what you have heard comes from someone else that is not a clone of your taste buds.

Again I will mention your choices in my mind got no negative factors, but since you asked, personally the Beamer would be my choice.

Have a Blessed day
From the computer of
Ray Paulsen ^_^

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------


I'm not THE LEAST bit proud of the fact that I live in Haryana; my work requires me to be here.
And I'm glad you didn't waste your holiday!

Anyway, if you were to pick a brand between the 3, how would you rate them?

Alternatively, if you were given a choice between the X1, 3-series (320d), Merc GLA, Merc C-class (C200, C220), Audi Q3, Audi A3 and Audi A4, what would it be?

My current car has a ground clearance of 165 mm; I'm looking for one with a MUCH BETTER GC!

Thanks, Ray!

I get a fair volume of questions from India, yours kind of took me by surprise thinking grammar better than mine and chosen the name Matthew, I now know better,,,lol

I could pull the wool over your eye's and give you a quick dishonest answer as to my choice, but that is not my style,but I will share with you what I would do being in your shoes. you mentioned Pre-Owned and that bring me to this link on my website you may pick up a point or two.

My expertise is how to negotiate with a seller on a level playing field and not getting stuck with a lemon.When you think you found the car, your next step is to check for accident repair , I realize this link does not apply to India, but again you may pick up a point or two.

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