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I went to trade in my car and the dealer said they would only give me a low number because the title has come up dealer buy back/lemon law. When we bought this car used, this information was not provided to us that it had been lemon lawed. Now I'm screwed with a vehicle I owe way more than it's worth. I called the dealer we bought it from and they told me they don't have to disclose that information to the buyer. Is this a law suit or am I just screwed?

Hi Andrew,
Did you run a Carfax??? It should have showed on it that the car was lemon lawed. Does the dealer have to disclose, most likely not. I believe you are out of luck, because it is always "buyer beware", so you should have checked better. Hate to tell you that as dealers try to be your friend when selling you a car, so they will tell you anything to buy the vehicle. Check with Consumer Affairs or an attorney you may have some recourse, good luck!!


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