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In your opinion, is a 04 Buick Raineer V6 with 186,000 miles fairly priced at $4,500?  It has remote start, heated leather seats and is very clean and well maintained.  The owner claims most miles are highway miles.  I really like the truck, but am leery about the high miles.  Some people have told me that cars are built to last until 300,000+ miles, but want an expert's opinion.

Thank you.

Hi Melissa,
First off, highway or city 186,000 mile is many many miles. Even the Japanese cars which I have had to 150-175,000 can be problematic. If it is really in very good shape and you feel it is a good deal for what you need, I would offer $2900.00 but in my opinion it is not worth more than $3600.00, do you have a mechanic that you use? and trust that could check it out. It could be a very big headache if you buy it. If you were a family member I would say not to buy it, but everyone has different needs and budgets so it really is totally your decision. Please feel free to follow up with me with any more questions or let me know if you do buy it. Good luck whatever decision you make.


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