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Hi Don,  I own a 2001 Pontiac Bonneville with 77,000 miles. It has been very well maintained and is in perfect mechanical condition. I have been a licensed driver for 40 years: thankfully never a ticket and never an accident.!' We love the car and originally bought it for its then safety features. We noticed that many of the newer cars seem smaller.  For example, the distance between the rear end of the car and the passenger compartment is short compared to our old car. Not long ago, a cop directing traffic stopped us slow traffic and said: never get rid of your car. They don't make them that sturdy anymore!  LOL.  My question: given all the safety features of the new cars, is our old car really safer?  Also, I heard that air bags are not guaranteed to deploy after 10 years. Should we get a new car given the safety features of the newer models?  We could afford to buy a new car if the case for it made sense. We have seen safety rating discussed on any yearly basis but have never read anything that addresses this question.  Thank you!

Hi Peter:
Automobiles are actually safer now because of the safety cell construction(that protects the occupants) and crumple zone(that means in the advent of frontal impact the engine will not come to driver and passenger compartment.

In regard to older cars used a lot of material that were composed of metals,ect.This added more weight and size,in turn was not fuel effient.

Today cars have bumbers that made recycled products that absorb impact better than metals.
This also applies to Techlogy and better ride quality
A good website to check is the NHTSA site.

I like older cars,but newer cars offer better warranties,good gas mileage,and actually fun to drive
Good luck Don


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