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Tips on Buying Cars/Is my car considered poor for trade-in value?


I think my car might be considered to be in poor condition but it is still in good working condition so I'm not sure how much I can expect for a trade-in. Here's the run-down:

Standard model:
  *80000 Miles
  *ABS, power steering, radio/cd player/cassette, ac, power windows, power driver seat, cruise    
   control, steel wheels, dual airbags

Here's what's wrong with it:

*Minor scratches
* larger scratches on the length of one side- body is not damaged, but will need painting

*alignment is off & tired need replacing
*brakes & rotors need replacing
*Instrument cluster is defective (speedometer & tachometer not functioning)
*minor leaks

*carpet is stained
*upholstery needs shampooing (wear & tear staining but otherwise good condition)
*center console lid needs replacing (plastic broke off so no longer attached)
*overall interior is in very good condition, otherwise.

Would this car be considered poor or fair condition? How much could I expect to get?
A few records might be able to be obtained- how much does that help? How many records are considered helpful?

Thanks for the question. I'm not a car appraiser however an eleven year old car with wear and tear as you described may be worth between 1,000 - 2,000 on a trade. The higher the new car price the higher the trade value you will receive. I think you'll save more on a discount off the new auto. You will save the 6% tax on the trade in value as well.  

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