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I think my car might be considered to be in poor condition but it is still in good working condition so I'm not sure how much I can expect for a trade-in. Here's the run-down:

Standard model:
  *80000 Miles
  *ABS, power steering, radio/cd player/cassette, ac, power windows, power driver seat, cruise    
   control, steel wheels, dual airbags

Here's what's wrong with it:

*Minor scratches
* larger scratches on the length of one side- body is not damaged, but will need painting

*alignment is off & tired need replacing
*brakes & rotors need replacing
*Instrument cluster is defective (speedometer & tachometer not functioning)
*minor leaks

*carpet is stained
*upholstery needs shampooing (wear & tear staining but otherwise good condition)
*center console lid needs replacing (plastic broke off so no longer attached)
*overall interior is in very good condition, otherwise.

Would this car be considered poor or fair condition? How much could I expect to get?
A few records might be able to be obtained- how much does that help? How many records are considered helpful?


I am not the one to talk to for a number on your car.  I don't have the books and other information to come up with a dollar amount but I can tell you that the car you described is average condition. I can also tell you how to get a wholesale value figure, on your trade, which is accurate.  Dealers will and should offer you more than wholesale to win your business but any amount over the wholesale value, (over allowance), is just discount or incentive.  Drive your vehicle to a used car operation and ask them what they will pay you for your car. Not as a trade in but you are considering selling it.  Go to three if possible but at least two.  Whatever they offer as a cash value is probably an accurate representation of the wholesale. You don't want to know what you can sell it outright for, what you want is what they will pay you for it.
Once you have that figure you can go to the place where you want to buy and you will know where you stand, I hope this helps

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