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Tires/Tire Wrap from the 60s?


Back in the 60s, I remember seeing that used cars on the lots had their tires wrapped in colorful metallic plastic for protection, I assume.  Do I remember correctly?  Was there a name for that wrapper product?  Was it effective?  It's not needed now?

Thanks for any information that you can provide.



I honestly do not remember anything like that.  What I remember is the, now, ubiquitous methods to attract attention - flags, banners, etc.  While I don't specifically remember anything wrapping the tires, it is not hard to imagine such a thing.  So I am going to answer your questions based on what tire knowledge I have and what was possible in the 1960's.

So, I don't think that was for protection.  I think it was for attracting attention.  There is nothing I am aware of - even now - that would be advantageous enough to overcome the hassle involved in installing such a wrap.

Needless to say I don't have a name, but I think that's moot point now.  


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