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Tires/245/75R16 T vs 245/75R16 R


I have a 2000 E-250 cargo van and I'm planning to purchase one set of these tires,(BFGoodrich® 17197 - Rugged Terrain T/A#.
I realize that the weight #max. load# of the tires are about 1000 lbs apart. #Not to mention price difference on a set of four#.
The plan for the van is to customize it to some extent and use it for more show than work. I'm thinking it will be used very little for work situations, #as I don't need it for my job), more for traveling.
I guess I'm looking more for you opinion, than actually having a question.


You need to be aware that there are P type tires and LT type tires - and your vehicle needs LT type tires - and you can tell the difference by looking for the letters in front of the tire size.  Some on-line retailers don't use the letters in front of the tires size making it hard to distinguish what is what.
But P type tires come in Standard Load (SL# and Extra Load #XL#, while LT type tires come only in Load Ranges #eg  Load Range D - LRD#.  Another way to tell is that P type tires will have a single Load Index, while the LT tires will have a double listing #for singles/duals.#  

So you NEED to use the R rated tires.  To confirm this, look at the vehicle tire placard on your vehicle.  It will be on the driver's doorpost.  It will have the original tire size and the proper pressure for that size.  Please note the letters in front of the tire size and the inflation pressure #which will be larger than the max pressure listed for a P type tire)


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