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Placard says LT225/75/16(R).  Three questions.  Is the (R) the load rating, or is the LT the load rating? Second, Can the first set of numbers be changed by the consumer to a different size? An example would be from LT225 to LT215.  Or is this in relationship to the width of the rim?  Third, can the second set be changed from 75 to 70?  Thanks in advance for you help.


First, on every vehicle sold in the US, there is a sticker, called the vehicle tire placard, that lists the original tire size and the proper pressure for that size.  On a Chevy truck, it is located on the drivers doorpost.

I have a book the summarizes vehicle tire placards, and it says your vehicle originally came with LT225/75R16 Load Range E inflated to 55 psi front / 80 psi rear.

What do the letters and numbers mean?  

LT means "Light Truck" - a type of tire.  You should stick with the same kind of tire the vehicle came with - in this case you need to look for LT's.

225 = the width of the tire

75 is the aspect ratio - the ratio of the height to the width

R = Radial - a type of tire construction.  For practical purposes all tires are radials.

16 = wheel diameter.  16" tires go on 16" wheels and nothing else.

Can you change tire size?  Yes, but it can be complex.  The good news is you don't have to because there are a ton of tires available in LT225/75R16.

And lastly, the first question you asked:  You need a Load Range E.


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