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hello. i own a Subaru forester 2001 imported from the USA. our roads are mostly uphill or downhill and i am not satisfied with the gas mileage.
will replacing the original tires with smaller tires improve gas millage on such roads? thank you.


A car's fuel economy is not much affected by tires - particularly tire size.  However, there have been some experiments that say that larger diameter tires help fuel economy to a minor extent - we're talking percentage points here.  But the problem is that you will lose some pulling power - and that might be important for the hills.

What can affect fuel economy - from a tire's perspective - is careful selection of tires.  

There is a tire technology triangle involving treadwear, traction, and fuel economy.  In order to get good values in one area, the other areas have to be sacrificed.  So you need to select a tire that have the balance you are looking for.

Also, tires labeled "LRR" aren't "Low Rolling Resistance" in the absolute sense - only in the sense that compared to other similar tires #meaning same treadwear and traction properties#, LRR tires have better Rolling Resistance.

What the largest tire that will fit on a 2001 Subaru Forester?  According to Discount Tire, is either 225/60R16 or 225/70R15.  Regardless on what wheel size your car has, there are some tires that will work.  Now all you have to do is figure out what is available in your area and what compromise you are willing to live with.  


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