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I have a 2009, Toyota Corolla and I would like to know how often to rotate the tires to get the best wear and mileage from them. Friends tell me it`s every 5,000 miles but you are the expert. I will thank you in advance for your response.


I am of the opinion that more rotation is better.

- BUT -

There are practical limits.  Every time you rotate, there are things that can go wrong - such as stripped lug nut threads.  Plus, if you have to pay for this, this is an additional expense that doesn't pay itself back.

Rotations are necessary to insure that tires wear at more or less the same rate.  Plus there is a small improvement in overall wear rate.  But most importantly, rotating prevents a tire from taking a permanent wear pattern - one that might eventually degrade into irregular wear, which in turn causes vibrations and noise.

If am of the opinion that tire rotations should be tied to oil changes - and be between 5K and 8K miles.  The problem here is that oil changes have changed (Ha, ha!!) and the old 3K has slowly evolved to longer interval.  I have lost track of what newer cars call for - plus some of them have computer calculated interval which vary according to the usage.

But I still fall back to the 5,000 to 8,000 mile interval.  Try to fit that into your regular scheduled maintenance program.  


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