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Have 2014 Ram 4X4 diesel one ton that has about 25,000 miles. Front tires are wearing unevenly on both front wheels. The Dodge dealer told me that the problem was the way the truck was built, the front tires would last only about 25,00 miles.
What are your thoughts?


First, I am going to assume your 1 ton is a single rear wheel.  Dually rears are also called 1 tons, but I assume you would have mentioned that.

Second, the term "uneven wear" is a bit vague.  Is there more wear on the inside than the outside?  Then there is a camber problem.  Is the wear scalloped?  Then there is likely both a toe and a camber problem.

So I think the first step in this is to get an alignment done.  I am of the opinion than the published alignment specs are too wide - by half.  That the alignment has to be within the middle half of the tolerance for good tire wear  - with the exception that any camber over a degree needs to be dialed back, even if the spec calls for that high of a value.  That might require some parts and labor to fix, but that is what I think.

And lastly, I think the Dodge dealer is trying to wiggle out of a tough spot.  On the one side, Dodge is not going to pay for an alignment under their warranty program (The vehicle is too old).  On the other side, the customer has an alignment issue that likely was that way when the factory built it and ought to be covered by warranty.  So the best tactic for the dealer to say "They all do that!" - and hope the customer buys it.  If I were in your shoes, I would ask to talk to the regional service rep for Dodge and plead your case with him.  

And I am assuming you've rotated tires on a regular basis.  Every 8K is the usual recommendation.  If not, then you have that bit to overcome as well.  


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