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What is the best tire size for 1979 Volkswagen beetle.


According to Tire Guides, a 1979 VW Beetle originally came with ..... well, according to Tire guides, VW Beetles weren't sold in the US after 1977.  But I see you are in Colombia, so that might explain things - and it presents a problem.  I don't have information on vehicles not sold in the US.

So the first step would be to find the vehicle tire placard.  It will list the original tire size and the proper pressure for that size.  The vehicle tire placard is usually located on a door or doorframe or in the glove box, but sometimes it is located on the fuel filler door or in the trunk.  

Whatever the vehicle tire placard says will be the best choice for tire size.

By to finish this answer I am going to assume, for the moment, that the placard says either 6.00-15 or 165R15 - and that these tire sizes are difficult to come by where you are - and that is what prompts your question.  The problem here is I don't know what may be available where you are - and because the current tire sizing is a long way from what VW used in those days, there may be some availability issues, so my next best guess would be 165/80R15.  That's as close as I am going to be able to guess as to what might be available.


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