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Tires/Alignment / tire rotation affecting brakes?


Hi Barry,
Thank you for your service! I have an '09 Kia Rio, Big O did a 4 wheel alignment, didn't work, took it back, they did it again, still pulled left, I took it back again later and they just said (after charging me for another alignment because it was after 30 days) the alignment machine is right, so the problem must be the tires.  They reversed the front and back, but apparently the damage has been done on these tires. (I bought the car used 4 months ago.) They look good, but apparently "grooved" if they weren't rotated enough, which I understand.  But now when I apply the brake, there's a "wha wha wha" sound coming from the back that is in rhythm with the tire's rotation, so I'm wondering if it's possible that their alignment and switching of the tires, have now affected my brakes?  I know the brake drums are right there on the tire so I figured it's possible. Is it common, or unsurprising to you? Thanks!  Darin


More likely, the problem is with the tires - and was there when you bought the car.  A check would be to swap the fronts and rears again to see.  If it changes, then it was the tires.

And , NO!, this is not common, although noise from tires is associated with lack of rotation, it's just that this type of noise is generally continuous.  


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