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Tires/pressure in winter


My tires can take up to 44psi max and the door jam sticker recommends 34. I live where there are very cold winters, and my car's tire monitoring alert goes off when any tire is at 31psi or less. Not much wiggle room, so I keep them at 36psi. Even checking them every couple months, there were still a couple times last winter when the alert went off. So to prevent that, would it be ok to keep the tires at 38psi in winter months?  Thanks


First, I don't think inflation pressure in tires needs to be very precise.  The important thing is that there be enough.

Rule of thumb:  For every 10F change in temperature, the inflation pressure in passenger car tires changes 1 psi.

So what I used to do when I lived in a cold climate was to target Zero degrees (0F) and when I set the pressures, I overinflated according to that formula.  Typically it was about 50F, so that's 5 psi - and close enough not to worry.  I also would check on warm days (or in a warm garage) just to make sure I didn't have any slow leaks.

So, yes, 38 psi is OK.


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