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Barry, I have Carlisle tires on my Honda ^24 Snowblower that are marked as 14 x 4.5 x 6. I see other tires marked as 410 x 350 x 6.  I am looking for a way to convert these sizes (via a table, perhaps?) so that I might be able to purchase chains due to a rather steep driveway.  The vast majority of snow tires for snowblowers seem to not use inches which I think the Carlisle's mentioned above utilize.  Do you think a 410 x 350 x 6 snow tire chain would work with my 14 x 4.5 x 6 snowtires?


A 14X4.50-6 means the tire is 14 inches in diameter (more or less), 4.50" wide (more or less) and fits on a 6" diameter wheel.

So any tire you are looking for will have those dimensions.

A 4.10X3.50-6 is 12 inches in diameter, 3.5" wide and fits on a 6" wheel.  Close, but not quite right.

A 5.30X4.50-6 is 15" in diameter, 4.50" wide and fits on a 6" wheel.  That is really close, but will the diameter work for you?

Also, I did find tires in the 14X4.50-6 size.

So you may have to order tires over the internet to get the right size.  You might also try a lawn mower specialty store.  

Good Luck.


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