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Am wondering if you can help me find information about Kumho tires, specifically mileage ratings.  I purchased a 2013 Hyundai Accent last August, and the tires only have 37,000 miles on them.  Unfortunately, the two front tires now are almost completely worn and bald.  Am wondering if this is normal mileage wear for this brand, or if something else could be causing the problem.  Any assistance would be appreciated.


First, if these tires are the original tires to the vehicle, then they have no mileage warranty.

Second, even if they aren't the original tires, the mileage warranty does NOT transfer when ownership of the vehicle changes.

Third, if the front tires are almost bald, but the rears are fine, then it is likely that the provisions on the mileage warranty aren't satisfied as the tire are supposed to be rotated on a regular basis - meaning all 4 tires should be near to being worn out.


And as a note for future reference:  The front tires on a Front Wheel Drive car, such as a Hyundai Accent, wear 2 1/2 times faster then the rears.  To prevent this, the tires need to be rotated regularly - every 5,000 to 8,000 miles.  


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