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Tires/71 VW tire replacement


Hi -- my Karmann Ghia came with the old 5.60x15 measurement radial tires; they have been replaced over the years,last time with
165/86/R15 which I can't find anywhere.  I've been told that either
185/65R15  or  155/80/r15 would work -- but these are hard to find.

Is there a first choice, second choice on the sizes?  




First, you have to understand that the tire world has moved on in the 40 some years since the Karmann Ghia was produced, and tire sizes have changed considerably.  So you will just have to accept that you are not going to find a lot of options - in other words, it is probably best if you take what you can find - and that may involve ordering tires over the internet.

I see that Tire Rack has a P155/80R13 Goodrich Radial TA.

I also see that Coker Tire has vintage tires (period correct) tires in a 5.60-15 size.

Good luck


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