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Can tire size P235/50R18 work to replace tire size P 245/45 R18?  I have a brand new full size spare and will be trading the car in as it needs a lot replaced.



First, if the P245/45R18 is an XL (Extra Load), then the P235/50R18 also needs to be an XL (Extra Load).  The diameter of the P235/50R18 is 0.6" larger in diameter, so if this is going on an AWD (All Wheel Drive), that would not function as a single spare because AWD vehicles need to have identical tires all around (with some exceptions!)  If you don't keep the same diameter, then the AWD unit could fail and that would be very expensive to fix.

And lastly, the wheel width requirements have a lot of overlap, but if the wheel is 9" wide (probably not!), then the P235/50R18 will not fit.


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