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Dave wrote at 2008-05-03 19:24:43
Here's your answer.  Funny you mention it, because about 2 years ago those lyrics came back to me and drove me nuts until I found out what the song was.

Great era when songwriters told stories.

markite wrote at 2008-07-10 18:54:53
That's funny, that's the exact same song that I've looked for a few times. I also remember the line something about "hand me down that silver cup son" he melts it down to make a bullet.

I was thinking it was a 70's song

markite wrote at 2008-07-10 19:00:57
Okay I got it - It's called Werewolf by the Five Man Electrical Band

Turns out it was a silver bell not cup (see lyrics below)

Mama said, there's

Something weird 'bout Billy

I looked in his room, his bed

Wasn't slept in at all last night

But Papa said, ah, now Mama

Don't you go talking silly

He's just a young boy

He's just sowing his wild oats

And that`s all right

But Mama said, no

There's something real

Strange bout my Billy

The farmer down the road said he

Lost a few of his sheep last night

I know he's my own flesh and blood

But he makes my blood run chilly

Cause I saw him from my window

And he was on the heel

Just screaming at the moonlight

Is it any wonder we hate

To see the sun go down

And is it any wonder we hate to

See the full moon coming around

So Papa said, I guess there's

Only one thing to do bout Billy

Hand me down my gun, son

Bring along that silver dinner bell

But Mama said, Papa

I beg you, don't kill him

Cause I just couldn`t bear to

Think about my baby in Hell

But he went down to the blacksmith

Got him out of bed and said

Get your fire hot

Oh, shut up your shutters

And close down the doors

We're gonna need all the heat you got

Cause I want you to melt my

Silver bell down to a single shot

I got a job to do and I got to get it

Done before the sun comes up

Oh, so is it any wonder that we

Hate to see the sun go down

Then we heard a shot

And I said, Papa got em

Then we heard a scream and Mama

Smiled and said, betcha Billy got em

But when I lifted up my eyes, there was

Papa in the doorway staring at the floor

And my big brother Billy never did

Come home no more

Is it any wonder we hate

To see the sun go down

And is it any wonder we hate to

See the full moon coming around  

nhim4gvn wrote at 2010-10-26 21:15:31
I remember this song. Used to hear it in the mid to late 7-'s on the radio. I, too, and curious about the title and artist. If anyone knows please post here.  

EM1 wrote at 2011-03-24 00:34:52
Five Man Electrical Band - Werewolf

Took me awhile to find the answer.. It was bugging me...  

Dale wrote at 2011-06-04 02:27:42
Five Man Elecrical Band ( From here in Canada) "Werewolf"

Alexandra wrote at 2012-04-03 10:06:40

Five Man Electrical Band - Werewolf

dianna wrote at 2012-09-17 09:57:11
I now the song youre on about as I too would like to know who sings it and what the song title is...its driving me mad cos I remember hearing it as a kid on the radio in the 70's and liking it.

dianna wrote at 2012-09-17 10:31:42
the song is called Werewolf, by Five Man Electrical Band

Jack wrote at 2012-10-18 17:07:02
The name of the song you are thinking about is called "Werewolf" and it was performed by "Five Man Electrical Band" same guys that did the song "Signs".  

Ferntree wrote at 2012-10-25 03:19:54
It is Curse of the Werewolf by Five Man Electrical Band.

Fern wrote at 2012-10-25 03:28:44
I guess it is called Werewolf by Five Man Electrical Band

Deb wrote at 2012-12-28 23:30:08
Five Man Electrical Band is the artist for the song "werewolf"

gw wrote at 2013-02-23 01:59:22
try 5 man electrical band, definitely the werewolf with billy in it

guitarwizatd wrote at 2013-10-05 22:46:34
Its by a band called the five man electrical band and the song is called werewolf.  

GDRE wrote at 2015-06-13 01:36:10
  The song you are looking for was done by the five man electrical band, I just watched it on You Tube

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