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If a team has 4-5 good starting pitchers why can't they use these 5 to pitch 1-3 innings every game instead of the current 4-5 starters with the attending relief pitchers?

I believe the strategy of employing multiple pitchers for short inning may work, but I think it goes against the logic teams have employed for years, I believe starting pitchers take a couple inning to find their groove and really start to settle in around the 4th or 5th inning. It also makes the most sense to give your team the best chance to win if you keep your ace pitching against another teams ace instead of mixing in lower quality pitching throughout the course of a game. Starting pitchers arms are used to throwing 100 or more pitches in a game and then having 4 or more days of rest to recuperate, while closers are used to throwing about 20-30 pitches max over short bursts and still being able to pitch the next night, but still need shorter periods of rest with too many appearances in a row. I found some good info from this link below:

An interesting example of a player who was a quality starter and as he got older didn't have the endurance to pitch longer games effectively and turned into one of the best closers of his time was Dennis Eckersley. You can find his stats below.

I hope between my comments and the links it can help you find the answer or conclusion you are looking for. It's a very interesting question and one that the answer becomes very opinionated, this is why I have provided you with some outside links as I find it will help answer your questions better than my opinion alone.

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