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is it mandatory to use police's tow company or can I call my own tow company after an accident?

well in some areas the contracts are set up where the only company is the contracted company.

But there is "owners request" but there are many considerations to that. if the vehicle is blocking the roadway and not able to be moved off the roadway, you might be able to get them to let you use the company you want. But they best be there quick. like in 15 to maybe 20 minutes..
if they are an hour or more away then no you will not get that choice when its a hazard.

Police do not wait for towers when roadways are blocked or its dangerous to leave the vehicle where it is.. Now if you are in a parking lot, they should not have an issue.. But again there are many issues and I only touched on a few of them...

I feel that there is a lot more to this question than you shared with us...

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