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Towing Issues/1998 Dodge Dakota towing capabilities


Dave wrote at 2016-03-21 15:33:42
The Dodge Dakota Towing Capacities are as follows.

These numbers come directly from Chrysler. You must also account for other factors, including the weight of non-standard accessories and other cargo. Always use a transmission cooler suitable for the job it has to do.

2.5 I4 120hp/145 lb-ft, Manual Trans 2,050lbs

3.7 V6 210hp/235 lb-ft, Manual/Auto Trans 5,600lbs(2004 models)

3.9 V6 175hp/225 lb-ft, NV-3500(M) 42RE(A) 4,900lbs

4.7 V8 235hp/295 lb-ft, NV-3500(M) 42RFE(A) 6,100lbs

5.2 V8 250hp/345 lb-ft, Manual/Auto Trans 6,700lbs(97-99 models)

5.9 V8 245hp/335 lf-ft, 46RE(Auto) 8,300lbs  

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Towing of small to medium trailers up to about 8000 pounds. Bumper hitch setups, load equalizer hitch setups. Strapping down and securing loads etc. NOTE: this section is NOT for issues about your car being towed by a tow truck. I have no legal knowledge that would help in that case.


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