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Toxicology/Reheating my Starbucks


jolly D wrote at 2009-12-26 17:43:59
Don't drink reheated coffee, especially if boiled and if you have to be careful about cholesterol. (heart attach, ach, ach!)

Coffee is a narcotic beverage. The caffeine in coffee belongs to the same alkaloid group as morphine, cocaine, and strychnine. The caffeine can combine with your stomach acid (hydrochloric) to form a potent toxin called Caffeine Hydrochloride. As this toxin absorbs into your portal circulation and hits your liver, bile is released in attempt to flush it from your system. This is why people feel an increase in “bowel regularity” when they drink coffee.

The caffeine is gone after two hours on heat.

Dude, make a fresh cup and do your own research (T~$).

Nick wrote at 2015-05-11 14:37:53

Have you considered the glue or binder that holds the paper cup together?

I have noticed that overheating or multiple microwave heating will cause the glued areas to turn brown or start to burn. I would suggest there are likely chemical reactions occurring with the binders which may be harmful. There is a reason that Starbucks prints 'DO NOT MICROWAVE' in bold letters on the cup when they could say 'remove lid before microwaving'. Any scientific information on this would be greatly appreciated.



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