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Toxicology/Suspected Intentional Poisoning of my brother by his wife.....


nojusticeforall wrote at 2010-03-24 20:22:50
I would like to know what ever became of this? Antimony is a deadly poison used for centuries and the zinc is usually elevated in poisonings. I say thiese things because my sister killed my parents, crippled, a sister, 3 brothers, 2 children ,and some x husbands with arsenic. Believe, me it is a long tough road and fight because these poisons make the illness appear as a natural cause and finding a Toxicologist to help is also very hard.

Roosey wrote at 2014-11-10 01:59:40
While this is a late answer - perhaps it will help. My sister poisoned my sweet Beth also. The hospital ER was NO help. Even with med reports they did not give charcoal which is the protocol. One thing that has been a big help is the use of sauna, herbs, homeopathy, and acupuncture. It has been 2 years now and she is better but it will still take some more years to get the toxins out. A cleaning solution was used to poison  Beth also. It's a long road.  A. Roose D.Hom(med)  


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