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Toyota/2006 RAV4 4x4 WATER LEAK


Barb t wrote at 2006-06-29 01:27:40
I have shared this with my Toyota Service guy who is having a hard time finding out the reason for the leak, I have the same one. Mine if when it rains. Thanks I hope this is what it is.

Wally Novero wrote at 2006-09-14 23:58:56
I've had my Toyota 2006 RAV4 for about a month now. For the first time, I left it out of my garage for 3 days in a row and had not driven it during that entire time. Then it rained a lot. After 3 days in the rain, a puddle of water was sitting on the floor of the front passenger side! It was clearly water, and I noticed some drops hanging along the edges of the floor air vents located above the passenger side floor. I called Toyota and will have it checked tomorrow. They said that there could be a clog on one of the water drains. I will have this checked.

Susan wrote at 2006-10-16 22:42:17
I just bought a 2006 Toyota RAV4 two weeks ago.  First time it has rained was last night and today.  Found that the passenger side front floor board is soaking wet!  I have no doubt about what is leaking.  It's the sunroof!  There are supposed to be drains that drain water from the sunroof and out of the car, running down the windshield frame!  My husband is a autoglass technician, he said that he has seen where new cars just didn't have the drain lines installed and the water will run right down the windshield frame and into the floor of the car.  Looks exactly what has happened here! And I chose the Toyota because I thought it would be a better vehicle!  I called the dealership, and they said to bring in the morning.  I'm really concerned about mildew in the carpet after they fix this.  I'm really unhappy about this!  Good luck with yours, but if it's under warranty, take it to the dealer to fix it!

Cathy wrote at 2006-11-20 16:21:30
I bought my 06 Rav 4 in June and just realized this past week after heavy rains that the passenger side floor was soaked.  The water was dripping in under the dash on the left side of the passenger side.  The same as all the others.  Took it to the dealer today and they said they have realized the problem and there is a fix kit.  They have ordered it for me and hopefully it will fix the problem.  The dealer said they have only done one so far.  I too am concerned about mildew and continuously keep small towels to soak up the water and change them up often.  I may ask for some detail cleaning from the dealer.  Other than this I love the car--------so far.

Emily wrote at 2007-01-04 22:30:04
I have a 2006 RAV 4 and have had the same problem with water on the passenger side floor.  Toyota has realized the problem (at least some dealers) and have a fix for it.  Unfortunately the fix does not appear to be permanent as I am taking mine in for the second time in 4 months.

najor wrote at 2007-01-06 05:01:59
Mine is a RAV4 Limited, 2006. It leaks on the DRIVER side. It's been in twice and they finally found the cause. Vent is leaking. Toyota has a fix, it's in their national bulletin. Only leaks when it rains and you drive.

JohnBoy wrote at 2007-01-09 05:53:45
This appears to be a common problem with 2006 RAV4's. We bought ours in August 2006. Noticed a strong mildew smell in October and November but put it down to our wet dog riding in the back. By December we noticed that the front passenger rug was damp. The rug is now soaked and the towels that we put down come up dripping.

From reading other forums a Technical Service Bulletin dated November 1 2006 identifies the problem as a "cowel panel water leak". It is a warranty repair.  

ed wrote at 2007-05-24 19:33:28
I have a 2006. Same problem. There is a T.S.B. on this. It's the cowling over the heater vent.

Eric wrote at 2007-06-04 19:56:05
We have the same problem with leaking/soaking water on the passenger side of our 2006 RAV4. Dealership told us there is no leak and wouldn't replace the carpet which smells like mildew/mold. Taking it to another dealership tomorrow.

Tim wrote at 2007-06-11 01:01:12
I bought my 06 Rav4 in April of 06.  From the end of Aug. until April of this year, I've had my car in the dealership 7 times for this leak.  I called Toyota after the dealer told me in October that Toyota was working on a fix and it would take a month! On Dec. 1st, the 1st TSB lasted until this April when it started raining in my car again.  I've had my carpets replaced twice and I have been very unhappy with this situation.  When you call Toyota, tell them that you want your rugs replaced, because the dealer isn't going to do it for you.  I learned that after the 1st few times.

mark wrote at 2007-07-05 20:26:31
I have a 2007 RAV 4 with the same problem.. The dealer fixed it today by adding a strip of foam between the cowling and the drain.  It is unconscionable that Toyota knew that this existed on 06's and did not correct the problem for 07.  My first and last Toyota.

Johan wrote at 2009-05-01 04:58:12
I have the same issue. I thought that Toyota would build a better car. I took it in and the car is out of warranty. I Purchase it in 2006 in April. If I would had know about this issue. I would had never bought it. After all the other issue the cars has is not worth on what I played for it.

For future people with this issue. I place a complain in and can fallow it there. It cost $140.00 to fix. But, of what I have read here I can see now that the dealership make is money now on cars that are not build correctly.

Ashley wrote at 2009-12-13 19:50:53
The same thing is happening to my car right now! This is the third time and the funny thing is I just had my routine maintenance check. So much for that.

John wrote at 2010-02-18 22:56:14
My 2006 RAV 4 has been watertight up until Jan 2010.

The passenger floor is now filling with water when it rains.My Toyota dealer had the nerve to tell me it was not a design fault and it will cost me 160!

Has anyone complained directly to Toyota ?

LaurenLion wrote at 2010-03-21 12:50:26
It is related to the Cowl panel.  Do a search on Toyota Rav$ Cowl panel leak and you will find a technical service bulletin describing both the problem and the solution.  It is a known issue and was covered under warranty if you you brought to a dealer's attention within the warranty period

Kyle T wrote at 2010-08-11 01:06:24
I have this same problem happen to me this morning. I know that in my case it is water.The most likely answers to this problem is that the A/C drain pipe is blocked, has come out of it's hole that goes through the firewall or there is water coming back through the hole when it rains or you go through a puddle because the seal around the drain pipe is not very tight. I suggest blowing the pipe out with compressed air if available, sticking a straight piece of wire (straightened coat hanger) up the pipe with a tray to catch any residual water and/or put silicone around the hole through the firewall to stop the chance of it coming through there. I also suggest that you dry the floor out thoroughly because otherwise it will get very mouldy and both stink and be harmful to you & anyone else that gets in your car.

Hot Hawaiian wrote at 2010-11-10 21:35:25
No, Kyle, see LaurenLion's answer.  There was a Technical Service Bulletin issued by Toyota on 1 Nov 2006 addressing this exact problem.  Well, I (and I suspect none of you) NEVER RECEIVED THIS BULLETIN.  Now my dealer is telling me that it's too late, because my warranty is expired.  Well, I'm not buying it, and neither should any of you.  P.S., Kyle, yes, the A/C drain issue is a problem, but this flooding only occurs when the car is rained on or goes through a car wash.

kate wrote at 2013-10-03 10:20:43
I could smell something mildewy. It was my boot full of I have to find the scourge it seems coming from the left rear back storage pocket, which houses the rear light wiring. I love my car and am disappointed to read that so many other rav 4 owners have similar problems.  

Barbara Carbajal wrote at 2015-09-19 02:19:30
I also have a Rav4, purchase May 2006.  My problems started with the first rain.  My car has been to Toyota SO MANY times, they have never seemed to find the REAL problem.  Along with my insurance company Toyota replaced all the carpet, and kind of fixed the water problem...NOT  My car has had a major water and then MAJOR MOLD problem, which Toyota couldn't find, and which has effected my health with a major candida/thrush problem which I will most likely live with the rest of my life. The mold problem got so bad that I had a very hard time riding in MY car.  Felt like my chest was closing, couldn't breath, heart beat fast and skipping.

We live in a small mountain community, my husband went to all the auto service people up here, found one that would take on the problem.  As usual they took my dash board apart, I called my insurance, they went to work....NO PROBLEM there, they pursued trying to find the problem......YES, they found it....APPOXIMATELY 3 INCHES OFMOLDY WATER IN A PAN under the driver side. From there they finally traced it to water coming down along the windshield FROM THE SUNROOF.  Toyota knows the problem, but will not do a recall because they will be sued.  The have it listed as a MANUFACTURE PROBLEM???  NOW I ASK, ISN'T THIS IN THE RELEAM OF.....A RECALL?

AUTO MANUFACUTRE AND PLAY THEIR GAMES, KILL PEOPLE, MAKE PEOPLE SICK.....I WILL LIVE WITH MY CANDIDA/THRUSH DIETARY PROBLEM FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.  They will go on making mediocre cars, that we will buy.  By LAW they should owe me a car that will not effect my health.


Will I or my family EVER BUY another Toyota......NO WAY


Barbara Carbajal wrote at 2015-09-19 03:49:25
I wrote about my RAV4 problems, it was long, I also mentioned my medical problems caused by the MOLD.....I guess they blocked what I wrote because it does not appear here.

THANK YOU TOYOTA, wish I had printed it!!!

Let's see if you block this one


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