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Toyota/What's the Overdrive button for?


Paul Valentine wrote at 2016-05-31 16:45:49
I have a toyota avensis 2l estate, which also has the o/d as well as the snow and power setting, I was lucky that when I bought this it came with the orginal manual ( y reg - 2001 ), the manual states that " for best fuel economy the overdrive should always be on ".

So I am fairly certain that using it with o/d off will improve acceleration etc, but best buy shares in a petrol station if you do.

ps my first time owning an automatic car because I have always been adament about getting a proper car, I only got an auto because I figured it would be difficult to ruin the clutch which is the main reason people sell cars, they are looking at expensive clutch replacement and want to ditch it before the clutch goes completely, although I have driven auto trucks before, well after 30 years on the road for work, you get to drive everything.


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Sherry Bayless


I shopped extensively, test driving one of each competing model before buying my 1995.5 Tacoma LX Extended Cab 2x4 4 Cylinder Manual transmission new in 1995. It was reliable, great gas mileage, and was perfect for hauling stuff for the house and commuting to college and work. Three years later, I bought a boat, and needed 4WD and a larger engine, so I traded it up for a 1998 Tacoma SR5 Extended Cab 4x4 V6 AT. I also did a lot of research and a lot of test drives before buying the 98, so I would be glad to help people choose options packages, etc. After getting the 4x4, I have gotten heavily into off-roading. I have access to a lot of info on vehicle mods such as lift kits for Tacomas.


Former Alabama Chapter President of Tacoma Territory Off-Roader's Association, very active on Usenet newsgroups, also survived a rollover accident in my 1998 Tacoma with only a pavement burn on my elbow, so I have firsthand crash safety info ;-).

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