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Toyota Repair/Noise/Rattle during acceleration


john wrote at 2012-10-27 20:54:35
I wrapped the zip tie around the transmission cable and wire bracket but this did not cure the rattling in reverse; more pronounced with a cold motor and fast idle. Check to see if the air intake snorkel is banging on the rad support. I cut a pc of foam pipe insulation and installed it between the two parts.No more weird rattles.

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Any Toyota, especially Camry, Corolla, or Geo/Chev Prizm problems. Heavy experience with ECM,sensor,diagnostic issues, driveablilty, starting, fuel,charging, electrical, overall mechanical engine/transmission, and suspension problems. If I can't answer a question correctly in a timely manner I will search for the answer.


I have 32 years experience in automotive field as a diagnostic technician. I analyze and correct problems on Toyota cars. I manage a car care organization for my church. The church has approximately 9000 members We provide diagnostic and repair services for low income individuals on a volunteer basis. I personally have owned and driven Toyotas for 27 years. My children, grandchildren, father and mother drive Toyotas. I have converted many friends to Toyotas.

Unrelated; Computer Science Degree. My experience has been self taught, always learning. I am not a parts replacer! I've seen way to many parts replaced by shops or individuals that don't have a clue, eventually I get called to resolve the issue. Most of the time its something simple like a bad ground, broken wire, gas cap, or dirty sensor(02 or MAF), etc. Sensors are there to send a signal back to the computer that something is off slightly, that doesn't mean the sensor is bad!

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