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Toyota Repair/mice in sienna - potential hiding places


longo wrote at 2010-07-08 02:20:40
This is not an exclusive Toyota Problem, but it's one that the designers of all trucks and cars need to be aware of. Any little mouse size hole that leads into the vehicle will soon be a Rodent Freeway to your filters, wireing, and upholstery.  To fix the problem you need to find out how they are geting in and fabricate as many screens over the entrance holes as you need to.  The stuff to use is called "Hardware Cloth"  You'll find it in different sizes at places like Home Depot.  I use the 1/4" size to make the barriers.  Sut it with 'tinsnips' real heavy duty sisors. EAch barrier you build will be different, from just a simple screen over the intake to the air filter box to more elaboarate designs to cover larger areas..attach the screens with clamps, twisted wire, or even a good 2 part epoxy like JB Weld to hold them in place. I just built 2 mousegates to keep them out of my Dodge Grand Caravan air filter box.

scott wrote at 2010-09-22 02:47:48
we have a highlander and have cleared out 6 baby mice about  2 months ago and i fear the mom has died in the car as we recently had some body repair and paint done, we noticed a horrible smell after getting the car back and assume when the car went in for paint the over the car goes in started decomposition but we cant find the mouse. looked at chewed thru air conditioner filter and smell from ducts, any ideas? thanks

larry wrote at 2013-06-12 16:10:42
Where you park it is pretty much irrelevant, since mice are good at getting into garages. I heard a seemingly better answer, which is that you need to switch the air ventilation to inside/ recirculate before turning off the car. This closes off the entryway for the little pests.

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