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Dave B. wrote at 2013-03-05 03:29:00
Check out Autoshop101. They have a massive library using toyota service manuals. From what I gather, the IGf signal is supplied to the ECU by the igniter. The ECU has a pull-up resitor that pulls the IGf line to 5 volts. The igniter attempts to pull it to ground.This is the issue I am having with my '91 corolla (4AFE). It runs great for ~ 10 miles then, the MIL light briefly flickers, the car stumbles, and then it's fine again. I tried to duplicate after ~ 40 miles of driving, but it just runs fine. This happens every trip I make. I can't duplicate it in my garage, because its so intermittant. I scoped the lines, to check signals. A DVM won't do it as they are pulsed. My only question is lower level range that ECU interprets as no spark. Mine runs~ 0.9 to 1.0 volt (peak) so it may be right on the edge of tripping the ECU out. When this malfunction occurs, the ECU cuts the injectors, and it stumbles. So far it has recovered without stalling, but it is only a matter of time... My guess is igniter, but they want more to replace the igniter, then to replace the whole distributor (with igniter). Sound familiar? Anyway, before I go buy anything, I want to know for sure what's broke. Could be distributor, igniter, ECU or all three; 170K miles, leaves lots of options open. Hope this helps you.

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