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Hello, recently, on a couple of occasions, my previa has stalled when coming to a stop.  Both times the car started fine & drove fine, it simply shut off.  The first time the car started right away but stalled as soon as I tried to drive. I started it again, the car idled fine but stalled as soon as i tried to drive.  i tried 2 other times, after each time letting the car warm up a little longer, each times it stalled.  Finally, after I let it idle till it hit it's normal operating temperature i could drive.   (It did get progressively harder to start.  Cranked fine just didn't catch.)
I then put in a fuel line cleaner, thinking I might have had gotten some dirty gas. it drove fine for 5 days or so, during which I refilled with premium gas. Again, first thing in the morning, car starts drives a bit and then stalls when coming to a stop.  this time i couldn't restart it.  After, leaving the car for a little over a day, i try again. it doesn't catch the first few times. i stop trying & tried cleaning off the battery terminals.  after a couple more tries it catches. i let it warm up & again seems fine.  Mechanic has it & starts & idles alright.  He doesn't want to drive it & get stranded, yes really, he doesn't own a tow truck.

It was into the 40's overnight during that week.

I had filled the tank the night before the first incident & drove about 60 miles or so.

The second time I filled the tank about 3 days before & drove around 100 miles.

2wd 1992 Previa w/ just under 310,000 miles.
It has run fine.

Any, ideas??



The first thing I would do is check for some diagnostic codes at the check connector, it's located next to the driver's seat, open the connector cover and locate the terminals TE1 and E1 and with the key on the check engine light will begin to flash, if there are trouble codes the check engine light will blink a pattern for each code, for example a code 14 would be one blink followed by fro and so on, let me know in a reply if there are any codes.  

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