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Toyota Repair/1991 Toyota Corolla DLX won't start after sitting


It has the 4AFE engine with approx 88k miles and hasnít run for a while.  I have put in new: distributor, ignitor, plugs/wires/cap/rotor, coil.  I checked the primary and secondary power on the coil and they are within specs.  I am not getting any spark (screwdriver in the boot put across a ground, when starting).  The rotor turns while attempting to start so Iím assuming the timing belt is still good.  I checked the one error code, error code 12 distributor rpm (NE) signal may be lost during cranking.  I have checked the EFI relay, thereís power to it & it works (switched w/headlight relay lights worked for both).  All fuses are good.  New battery, car turns over  
Also I assume the fuel pump is bad as I am not hearing any noise at the pump when the key is turned on, but there is power (12v) at the white/blue wire going to the pump.  No fuel is being pushed through, and am assuming there should be some fuel going even without starting?  I have also jumped the Fp Ė B+ to see if the pump would work, still nothing.

Hello, it seems the fuel pump is not working, during start up it only works when the computer receives a start signal, the pump does not work with just the key on. It should work when the jumpers are put in with the key on, this is not happening.
Check the diagnostic check connector terminal B+, does it have battery voltage?
When turning the key on does the check engine light light up and stay on?  

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