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QUESTION: 1998 avalon piece broke off near egr vavle.  It is in line with the egr valve and it is like a 2 inch round black plastic cylinder with black foam around it, hollow and the air seems to just flow through it, no wires, so I just connected the hose directly to the egr valve. I can't find this part and I don't know what it does, any idea?

ANSWER: This is the EGR vacuum modulator valve, contact the toyota dealer for an exact replacement.

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1998 avalon engine part
1998 avalon engine par  
QUESTION: Thanks, but it is not the part I am referring to.  I have attached a picture, with the part circled in red. It has only 1 inlet and 1 outlet, and it doesn't show up on parts web sites.  The egr vacuum modulator valve shows up in pics and it is not the part I am asking about.  I look forward to hearting from you. Thanks so very much.

Toyota sometimes uses a vacuum dampener it some applications, not sure why other than maybe to store a small amount of vacuum to activate the vsv faster when needed, not really important but if you show the picture to a toyota dealer parts department I'm sure they can order one for you.

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