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QUESTION: i have a 91 toyota pickup with a 3.0 ,and a 5 speed trans its a 3vze motor the engine dies when im driving the lights and everthing else are fine its just the motor it seem to do it when im down shifting i let it set for like a minute and it starts right back up like nothing happened do u have  any ideas on what it might be or how to trouble shoot the problem so i can fix it thanks for your help

ANSWER: Try replacing the fuel filter, it's located on the passenger side door on the inside of the frame.

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QUESTION: that is the first thing i did i think it has to do with the ing. because you can smell gas in the exhaust and when it dies it just dies it doesnt act like its running out  of gas it has happened about 5 times and everytime it is the same amount of distance ive gone or the same amount of time that the motor has run could it be the coil or ingniter

ANSWER: Check for diagnostic codes next, open the cover of the DLC mounted to the fuse box under the hood, locate the terminals TE1 and E1, put a jumper wire between these two terminals, the check engine light will start to blink, a code will be two digits fors example a code 12 would be 1 blink followed by two, there may be more than one code so check carefully, let me know if there are any codes.

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QUESTION: ok i unhook the battery cable to clear any codes then i drove it about 8 to 10 miles untill it died  it started back up i drove it home when i got here i checked the codes and it has only 1 i let it flash like 4 times and it showed 14  1 flash flowed by 4 flashes the  book says open or short in the IGF or IGT circuit from ignitier to ecm  or the igniter or the ECM so where do i go from here is there some way to check which one it is or start with the cheapest to fix first and work my way up

Very common problem, the computer (ECM) is not getting an ignition confirmation signal, the problem is either the coil igniter assembly or the distributor, most likely the igniter from my experience in the past, there are no reliable tests for the igniter other than by substitution, I would look for a used coil/igniter assembly at an salvage yard, you can probably pick this up for less than $100, distributors are usually about $50/

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